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I have been living since 1945 when I was born to my parents, and I love life a lot. I work and create with pleasure but sometimes I ask mysef if I shouldn't try to do absolutely nothing. My childish entchantment by clay (wellow clay from a building site) wasn't accepted with undestanding by my parents and definitely not as herold of a firm life connection with this mass.

My education led to an art school where I understood when studying painting that I like mass more and in 1976 I made gradually my clay dreams come true. We have been friends for 35 years and we've experienced bad and good things together. The same I feel with my kind wife Hana who I have known much longer. At the memory of some situations at the beginning of my professional career I can't help avoiding laughter. However, at the same time it was a tragedy.

I am keen on producing simple utility stoneware which I burn in a gas furnace at 1230°C and my aim is to get accomplished function and shape purity. When this is successful, then a good shape shows a suitable decoration and everything is created somehow naturely. However, it is sometimes in contrast with different taste of some customers. Most of all I love discovering unknown possibilities which are hidden in clay and the clay doesn't reveal them to everybody. Plasticity of argil keeps me wondering and reminds me of ustability of each life form. Nowadays, most people accept the fact that you can't find two identifical humans but they can't understand that they can't find six identical cups.

After a two-year break I am starting to create bonsai bowls (containers) again, which used to be my main activity for 10 years. They are still a challenge for me, which I'll try to answer. In my workshop there is my daughter Markéta working with me who can create wonderful ceramics even though she has her maternity obligations. In the pictures, her work is signed MH. All utility ceramic things are in accordance with hygiene norms for this kind of goods, and garden and bonsai ceramics are frost-resistant.

I find out with pleasure that our craft accompanying mankind from the very beginning of their age-old journey, still affects magically not only us stonemasons and stoneware makers.